About Me

About Me

I've finally come to the realization that if I'm not creating something, or at least thinking about creating something, I'm not happy. It's in my blood. It's what makes me feel alive. The end result rarely matters. Well, OK, it matters a little. But it's that spark of inspiration, the process of giving life to an idea and then the act of putting hands on fabric~dirt~junk~paper and transforming it into something completely different and ME that really brings me joy.

If you've seen the movie "PS, I Love You" then you can relate to the scene where she is trying to explain what being an artist means. It means giving life to an idea and having IT, whatever it is, live outside your body. It's a piece of you. Even if "it" is just socks.

This blog will be random. I don't think I have a "style".  At least not one that there's a name for. :) And I believe in sharing inspiration and giving credit where credit is due. You'll see lots and lots of links to other blogs and websites that have inspired me, and hopefully they will inspire you, too. Half the fun of creating is feeding the soul with images and ideas...pure eye candy.

So that's why I blog. It's my way of picking up the phone and calling all my best girlfriends and saying "hey, I just saw the BEST idea EVER!" or "look at what I scored at the thrift store today!"

Who am I? I'm an Alaskan born, Midwest raised, East-West coast gyspy, junk loving, playin in the dirt, single mom of three amazing, artistic, smarty pants kids. I love my Lord and am growing and changing in His love daily. I'm a morning person. I am a sucker for animals. I love tractors. I don't go a day without coffee. I'm proud of my smarts. I was born to serve others.

I work as a Job Coach for adults with disabilities. That means I accompany them to their place of work, and coach them on both job and social skills. For the summer, I'm supervising a lawn crew.  Can't really call it work because I'm getting paid to play in the dirt! The landscaping feeds my need to create and the coaching lets me serve others. Win-win. :)

I'm newly divorced and still trying to figure out how to manage my life and my kids' lives without screwing it up too much. I'm discovering that home is far more than paint colors and furniture. We've moved twice, the kids and I, and I know that the address and square footage don't matter, it's the foundation of love and faith and being together that make the house a home. So when I make something for our home, it comes from my heart, it's a part of me, and it will forever be a reminder of this journey that we're on.

Create a memorable, love-filled journey. Choose happiness.