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July 1, 2010

Good Junk

Tuesday I hit the Motherlode of junk! I'll spare you all the non-decor items I found (like the rat ball, snake lights, etc...lol) and just share these beauties today.

She needs a little sprucing up (but come on, don't we all?) but I LOVE this table I found at Happy Dawn's Thrift in Wasilla (on Bogard, just off Main St). I am going to use it as a buffet in the kitchen. A good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap should have her looking like a million bucks. Eventually I want to add some industrial locking wheels to the legs, if I can find some I don't have to sell my firstborn for. Sheesh, they are expensive! Sweet new buffet=$20!

And I was SO excited to find the pitcher and serving dishes at Salvation Army, marked down 25%, no less! I already had the nested bowls, so when I saw the others I snatched them up faster than a fat kid on a french fry! I got them all for $3. Smile!

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